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 Complete Blood Count and ESR
 Blood Group and RH Factor
 BT and CT
 Stool Routine
 Blood Sugar- Fasting & Post Prandial
 Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1c)
 Total Proteins (Serum)
 G G T
 Alkaline Phosphatase
 Urine Routine
 Blood Urea Nitrogen
 Uric Acid
 HDL Cholesterol - Direct
 Chol / Hdl Ratio
 LDL Cholesterol
 Apolipoprotein A1/B
 Stress Test
 2 D Echo
 Refraction and Color Vision
 Non-Contact Tonometry
 Slit Lamp Examination
 Vitamin D
 Pap’s Smear
 CA 19-9    
 X-ray chest
 USG Abdo-pelvis
 Pulmonary Function Test
 Bone Densitometry
 Body Composition Analysis
 Vitamin B12
 Vascular Elasticity Measurement
 Follic Acid
 Lipoprotein a
 Orthopaedic Surgeon

Guidelines for the health check

Prior Appointment is essential. You may take an appointment in person or over the phone

  1. Please report to the Health Check reception on the 2nd floor by time scheduled during appointment.
  2. For Fasting Blood sugar & Lipid profile tests a 12 hours fasting and abstinence from high fat (oil & meat), alcohol for dinner in the evening before is essential.
  3. After dinner and till blood sample is given intake of only water is permitted.
  4. For Spirometry / Pulmonary Function test intake of inhalers need to be stopped for 24 hours, hence candidate should consult their prescribing physician.
  5. Avoid exercise in the morning on day of the health check up.
  6. You are requested to be off contact lenses for 24 hours before coming for eye check-up.
  7. Please bring morning sample of your urine and stool in small sterile plastic containers available at our Health Check reception and at the May I Help You Desk in the lobby of our hospital.
  8. Please bring along your current medications, if any and your past medical records.
  9. If you are on a regular medication, please continue to take it as before.
  10. Additional tests / consultations / procedures if requested or resulting from the health check up will be billed separately.
  11. Company sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral / authorization letter and Employee ID.
  12. Pap Smear & Urine test cannot be carried out for ladies during their menstrual period.
  13. Please wear minimum jewellery, comfortable attire and footwear on the day of the health check.
  14. Please inform if you are pregnant before going for X-ray.
  15. Gentlemen are requested to come with a clean shaven chest for the Stress test.
  16. Do inform us in case of cancellation or postponement, as the slot may be used by another person