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Mr Hakim
Cataract Removal Operations
My mother (Mrs.Hamida.S.Jamena) have recently had cataract removal operations for her left eye from your hospital. These days it is almost impossible to open a newspaper or hear/watch a newscast, without some scandal or serious problem with the NHS being in the headlines. I therefore take pleasure in commending to your attention, the excellent service provided by the above, particularly Dr.Sachin Bodhale. All staff were helpful, courteous and professional in the extreme. Both my mother and I were impressed at the number of checks made before the operations. I must have been asked at least six times what I was there for. If all departments in all hospitals carry out such checks we simply cannot understand why "never events" as I believe they are called, happen at all. As regards the procedure itself, speaking as someone whose education has been solely in the humanities, I cannot make up my mind whether it is black magic or medicine at the Star Treck level. One can only admire the research and development in several disciplines which must lie behind the procedure, and the skill of the surgeons and other staff involved. I hope and assume your administrative procedures are such that this letter will be brought to the attention of the staff at the Day Clinic.

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