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Critical Care

Being one of  the best Critical care Hospital in Pune we provide the intensive care to our patients by delivering
the successful results. Life Care hospital ensures the availability at the times of emergency. We have the team
of full-fledged skilful doctors and nursing staff available @24/7. We understand it’s a devastating situation for
you where we are trying to provide the best critical care in Pune.

Our critical care is associated with professional teams such as highly professional physicians, nurses,
respiratory technicians and pharmacists, who uses their unique experience and ability to perform various
curative information, Life care hospital also uses sophisticated cutting edge equipment to provide the best
outcome to the patient. We adapt the best kind of restorative treatment when you fail to identify exact issue.

Usually all the patients are not admitted to the critical care unit, they are usually first admitted to the emergency
room where the situation is stabilised. Critical care of the patient begins at the moment the degree if the
illness becomes severe throughout the hospitalization of the patient.

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