Our Presence 


1st Floor

OPD Clinic schedule:

  •  Morning( from 8am to 4pm)
  •  Evening( from 4pm to 9pm )


+91 020 26681127
+91 020 26684520
+91 020 32414455
+91 9604901345 

Facilities Available:

  •  Two treatment rooms for minor dressings / suturing etc.
  •  Pathological sample collection room
  •  Radiological Investigations
  •  Wheelchair is provided on request

Billing & Payments:

  •  Hospital OPD charges are to be paid to hospital billing counter.
  •  The hospital OPD consultation charge is Rs. 300/- 
  •  Follow-up consultation is valid for 30 days from the date of first consultation or 2 follow-ups whichever is earlier. The charges for follow-up consultation is Rs. 500/-
  •  Billing for the consultations and all other OPD procedures and investigations is done at the OPD billing counter.
  •  Payments/Deposit are accepted in cash / credit card/pay order/demand draft in favour of 
  •  OPD bill is valid for one month for testing or refund.

Patients and Visitors

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