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Breast Surgery

Breast s Surgery at SHREE HOSPITAL deals with all types of breast complaints and there treatent under one roof. Wide spectrum of diseases ranging from simple breast pain or lumps and fibroma in breast to cancer of breast are been treated. It also includes cosmetic surgeries of breast like augmentation or reduction mammoplasty.



Incidence of breast cancer is rapidly rising in India. Today breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. However early detection and treatment at early stage can prevent many deaths and prolong patients life. SHREE HOSPITAL provides Screening by mammography that can detect cancer at early stage. It is recommended in women above 40 years of age especially those who have family history.


We offer Treatment of breast cancer which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy depending upon stage of the disease.

Due to recent advances and lot of research in breast cancer, mastectomy is not necessary in all patients and breast conservation surgery is also performed at our hospital.