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Clinical Nutrition

clinical_nutritionClinical Nutrition is an area of medicine which is used to accelerate the process of recovery from ailments through nutritional requirements, as also to maintain good health. A good diet most certainly helps the ailing to cope with stressful conditions and hasten the recuperation process.

Diet therapy is carried out by clinical nutritionists, also known as dieticians, who evaluate the nutritional status of patients, and then plan and initiate nutritional therapy for every patient.

The Department of Clinical Nutrition is therefore responsible for the development of nutritional care in compliance with the physician"s orders. In short, the management of the nutritional aspect of patient-care falls under the dietetic preview. The primary role of this department is assessing the nutritional status of the patients and recommending diets for:

Revitalization after an illness, as part of the treatment

General Fitness

Specific health conditions (such as Diabetes, Cardiac problems etc.)

Prevention of diseases