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Donor Programme

donor-eggOne of the assisted reproductive technologies available at NewLife Fertility Centre is in vitro fertilization (IVF) with egg donation. This treatment option allows women who do not have viable eggs to become pregnant and give birth.

Donor eggs are useful for:

Women with premature ovarian failure

Women who have had radiation or chemotherapy

Women who have had their ovaries surgically removed

Women who have poor quality eggs

Women with genetic diseases or chromosomal translocations that they wish to avoid passing on to their offspring.

Advanced age

Egg donors may be a member of the patient’s family, a friend, or an anonymous volunteer screened by our staff. The egg donor must use fertility drugs to stimulate the development of multiple mature eggs, whereas the recipient takes estrogen and progesterone to prepare the uterus for embryos derived through egg donation. The sperm of the husband, partner, or sperm donor is used to fertilize the eggs. All egg donors are screened before they are accepted into the program.

Anonymous egg donors are healthy women between the ages of 19-33 who go through the following testing procedures before being accepted:

Medical history and physical examination

Testing for infectious diseases

Screening for inheritable diseases through family health questionnaire

Members of our nursing staff can discuss with you the egg donor option.


Altruistic egg donation can help create families for those who suffer infertility. Please call us to discuss this gift of life.