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HIV & Chest

hiv_and_chestWe have specialized consulatants for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections. SHREE HOSPITAL major focus of attention was on prevention activities, followed by “care and support” of infected individuals, particularly those suffering from opportunistic infections (OIs).

Though, antiretroviral therapy (ART) does not cure HIV/AIDS, but effective ARV regimens inhibit the efficient replication of the HIV, and reduce viral load to undetectable levels. This leads to slowing of disease progression and fewer opportunistic infections (OIs), and helps people lead more productive lives. Successes achieved by ART in terms of delaying the onset of AIDS have transformed the common perception about HIV from being a “Virtual death sentence” to a “chronic manageable illness”. Our objective focuses on minimizing symptoms, decreasing viral load and make life of HIV patients better.

TB is part of the differential diagnosis in any HIV-infected person with unexplained constitutional symptoms.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has increased the global tuberculosis (TB) burden, and has focused attention on the necessity to closely coordinate TB and HIV/AIDS control program services.

This increased risk is detectable as early as HIV seroconversion, and the risk of TB almost doubles during the first year after HIV seroconversion.

The risk of TB in HIV infected persons continues to increase as HIV disease progresses and CD4 cell count decreases. While antiretroviral treatment can substantially decrease the risk of TB.


SHREE HOSPITAL has fully equipped respiratory, sleep and critical care unit with latest monitoring facilities and medical devices to provide immediate treatment for critically ill patients at a single place. PFT & Bronchoscopy procedures are executed.