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Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection

Certain couples with severe male factor infertility cannot be helped with conventional IVF, In order to tackle this problem procedures based on Micromanipulation of oocytes and spermatozoa have been established. ICSI is one of the most technically advanced procedures where a single spermatozoon is directly injected into the ooplasm (cytoplasm) of the oocytes. This procedure is done using an inverted microscope equipped with micromanipulators and microinjectors where the prepared sperm is injected using a microinjecting pipette which is 60 times thinner than the human hair, into the ooplasm which is held by microholding pipette which is 20 times thinner than the human hair. The microinjected egg is then returned to the incubator for further culture and is checked for fertilization about 16-18 hrs after ICSI, following another 24 hrs of in vitro culture. The embryos thus obtained from ICSI program are taken for ET following a similar policy of conventional IVF.

ICSI is indicated for the following :

Extremely low count, i.e. Oligospermia. ICSI is recommended if <5 million sperm count is seen.

Abnormal or poor sperm morphology i.e. Teratozoospermia, esp. Globozoospermic ejaculates.

Man with ejaculatory disorders

Women with advanced age

Infertility due to immunologic cause

Unexplained infertility